Question Computer turns off when about to turn on

Mar 15, 2020
When I press the power button all fans come on, CPU, GPU, PSU, case fan, for like 1 second, and then immediately everything turns off except for the motherboard light (green). There are no beeps at all.
I got 2x4gb ram and I have tried cleaning both the ram and its slots, reseating the ram, turning the pc on with only one of the ram sticks in each of the ram slots, taking out the CMOS battery for two minutes and putting it back in, I tested my PSU if it works by making a short circuit with the green & black cables and the PSU did work, but none of these fixed my PC, it still has the same problem. It's been around 1 week that I got this problem. During this time I managed to turn my pc on two times (just by pressing the power on button randomly during the day and hoping it would turn on lol) and it worked perfectly good, I did game on it for hours and the temps on the CPU & GPU were very normal as they have always been. Now it has been around 4 days that it has not turned on at all, and even when the fans keep on spinning (rarely), it shows no signal in my keyboard, mouse & monitor, with my screen being completely black.
Any idea on how I can fix it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.
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