Computer turns on after leaving unplugged for a few minutes.


May 13, 2015
I built my computer.. I'd like to say 5-6 months ago. And this problem started after i recently replaced my graphics card.
asus z97-e
gtx 970 (Upgraded to gtx 980)
The PSU is 850watt (Fully modular)
The case is a Fractal Design r5
(The reason i included the case was a co-worker thinks it might be something wrong with the case, but i'm not so sure.)
So the process of how this went was.
When I received my graphics card, I put it in my computer in a safe environment to do so. When i placed the computer back on my desk, i noticed i heard a strange clicking noise when i turned it on. Not wanting to have to bring the computer back to the room i was in before, i open'd it in my room (Which has carpet) Thinking i could solve the issue without really touching much. Which i did. The clicking was from the the cord that was plugged into the gpu was hitting the fan. I moved it out of the way with touching nothing but the cord itself. I closed the computer back up thinking "Problem solved" But thats when it started. I was unable to turn on the computer. I tried unplugging the chord and letting it sit for a while, and the computer turns on. Once i got it on, I kept restarting it. Sometimes it would work. but once it didn't turn on again. i had to unplug it, and leave it unplug. then repeat this vicious cycle.
So i took it to work the next day and i tested the power supply, and ran a general diagnostic test (The test was a little old and said that it could have false results. but i believe the results were correct) The only thing i didn't test was taking the system out and trying to power it on from outside the case. I put the old card back in to see if it would go back to normal, but no change in the results.
Oh, and once when the computer turns on, I see no problem while the computer is on.
I would appreciate any help you could give.