Question Computer turns on and immediately shuts off, also no power to peripherals and no display on moniter.


May 24, 2015
Strap in because this is gonna be a long one. It started when I was playing some games on steam and I decided to leave my computer on for a couple of hours while it was idle. When I had come back the computer reset itself and every ten minutes or so it would reset itself. The problem got worse and worse to the point where it wouldn't turn on but a second before restarting. I tried testing it without the GPU and with different sticks of ram. When I uninstalled the graphics card and reinstalled it suddenly none of my peripheral lights were turning on and the monitor wasn't getting any display. I managed to mess around with it eventually ringing it back to where the peripherals and monitor would work. I thought it was the PSU so I sent mine in for warranty and got a new one. The problem still persisted, and once again the peripherals and monitor didn't work. Next, I tried getting a new motherboard. Once again kept resetting and peripherals and monitor didn't work. Then I took it into Office Max (the only tech repair shop near me). They said the issue was that I was not getting enough pressure on my CPU from my fan so I needed to get a new one. Now today I just got a brand new Noctua fan installed it and the same issue. Please help I'm desperate.