Question Computer turns on, but no display


Dec 29, 2013
Good day to you all, I have a very odd issue.
So I was in the process of reinstalling windows on my computer and in the hard drive section it said it needed to be formatted differently. So I restarted, went into boot setting and checked the box that let the pc boot on other hard format. Now here's the problem. My dumb head changed the boot settings from UEFI setup to usb. The USB produced a freeze at bios screen and after restarting, the display just went. Tried it on several different displays at this point and still nothing. I am really sorry about this detail-free post, but this happened last week and I honestly cannot remember the details of my path to killing my PC. I really hope some smart people out there can somehow decode this message and perhaps give me some ideas on how to get back into the bios setting in order to try and fix this mess.

Thank you and I hope you all have a great day