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Question Computer turns on but no signal on monitor

Jun 5, 2020
Today i attempted to add an ssd and more RAM into my pc. Originally my computer had one stick of 3000mHz ddr4 8gb ram and a 1tb hard drive. After adding the SSD and another 8gb of 3000mHz ddr4 RAM (from a different brand). I tried booting up my computer, the computer seemed to be perfectly fine but there was no response from my monitor. I tried switching the ram sticks and even blowing on them to see if they are dirty; no avail. Ultimately i removed the new SSD and RAM because i figured that would allow things to return to normal (everything was working perfectly fine before) but there was still no response from my monitor. I tried disconnecting my monitor from my gpu and connecting it directly into the motherboard (using a DVI cable) but there was still no response from my monitor. For some reason even before i tried to upgrade my pc my monitor never received a signal from my motherboard, it did work perfectly fine with my gpu tho (thought i should mention that).

Ryzen 3 2300X
A320M-HDV mobo
8gb ballistix sport ddr4 RAM
Radeon RX 560
600W psu
May 22, 2020
Any luck so far?
If not, try resetting the CMOS by taking the battery out and let it sit for around a minute and see if that will let you post with the new/old hardware. Usually does the trick for me when swapping RAM sticks. Also make sure to properly put the RAM sticks in the correct way and that you hear the clicks.

If you got it to post after resetting the CMOS, you need to go back into the BIOS to set your RAM at it's rated speed.
Good luck!