Computer Turns On But There Is No Signal To The Monitor

Jun 6, 2018
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First off Specs:
Gigabyte GA-970A-UD3P AMD 3+
FX 6300 Black Edition
Sapphire Nitro R9 380X 4Gb
16Gb DDR3 ram (2x 8Gb & 1x 8Gb)
1Tb Hard drive + 3Tb Hard drive
500W psu
(+HTC Vive)

So a couple months ago I was just watching some Netflix through Bigscreen Beta (vive app) and everything was working perfectly as usual. I had to do something so I put my computer to sleep, then came back a few hours later and woke it up again. As I did it however the tower woke up for a second then instantly powered itself off again. Turned it back on again not thinking anything of it but I was completely unable to get a signal onto my monitor. it would just continue to search between Digital and analog sources until it gave up.

Tried the usual, disconnected everything and held the power button down to dissipate the power, took it all apart and gave it a good clean ect... but nothing I did had any effect.

My original thought was that my power supply had given out and wasn't giving enough power to the GPU as all the fans aside from the GPU were lighting up and spinning. But upon installing a new 650W psu there was no change at all. I then tested all the sticks of ram individually to no prevail. Shifted the GPU down to the second PCIe slot but still no change. I then noticed that the fans on my GPU were coming on in a pulsing nature, on for 2 seconds or so then off for 2. This made me think it was the GPU so I had the whole system tested before forking out. However the person I got it tested at said it was only a problem with the motherboard and nothing else. This made sense as none of the lights on my peripherals were coming on when the fan lights were on. Thankfully still under warranty so I sent it off but then they said that it wasn't a problem with he MOBD at all. I confirmed this by testing my friends MOBD in my system, again no change. You would think its the GPU at this point but I just installed a new from amazon GTX 1060 and there is still no change at all.

So to clarify at this point I have completely ruled out the possibility of it being a fault in:
The GPU as I have the new 1060 installed
The ram (unless all 3 sticks simultaneously died)
The PSU as I have the new 650W installed

This would only realistically leave the CPU however I have heard that if it creates heat then it shouldn't be broken. This is the case with mine.

Im at a total loss for what to do with this as I don't really have much money to throw at is as I'm a student.