Question Computer turns on flickers display and then black screens

May 11, 2021
I had just recently purchased this prebuilt pc from NewEgg and everything has been alright with it until today. I load up a game then the screen goes black after playing for no more than a minute. I reboot the pc but I get nothing on my display and my mouse and keyboard don’t light up however the pc rgb does. After a bit of tinkering with it I can get it to load up but only for a few minutes where it will blink then completely go black again.

Things I have tried
-factory reset
-updated drivers
-reseated the gpu
-and messed with power cables

I can return the pc as it is under warranty however I would rather try to just fix it so I don’t have to be without a pc for 2ish weeks

Nvidia 3080
AMD ryzen 7 3700k
1tb m.2 ssd
16 gb ram
Asus x570-plus mobo