Computer Turns on. Monitor won't detect/display.

Richard He

Jan 11, 2015
-Please READ BEFORE answering, as i stated several failed solutions already including RAM-

Motherboard: MSI 970 Gaming (No Video Connectors like VGA, DVI and/or HDMI)
CPU: AMD FX-8350 8 Core 4.0 GHz Processor (Unlocked)
GPU: XFX Radeon HD 7750 Core Edition 800MHZ 1GB 4.5GHZ GDDR5 DVI HDMI VGA PCI-E Video Card (No Power Pins Needed)
PSU: EVGA 600B Bronze 600W 80 Plus Bronze Power Supply
HDD: Seagate ST1000DX001 SSHD 1TB 3.5in SATA3 64MB Cache Internal Solid State Hybrid Drive OEM
RAM: G.SKILL Ripjaws X F3-14900CL9D-8GBXL 8GB 2X4GB DDR3-1866 CL9-10-9-28 Memory
CD/DVD Drive: Nothing

Recently i have built my 13th Custom Personal Computer from scratch, for yet another of my family friends, and this is my first time encountering this kind of issue.

- PC boots up, and i enter the BIOS to set my RAM to 1866 instead of auto while leaving everything else on their AUTO/DEFAULT modes. Save and Exit.
- PC Turns OFF
- Plug in my USB Flash Drive, which it contains Windows 7 Ultimate Service Pack 1 and finished installing Windows 7 64-bit OS in less then 25 minutes (would had been 15 minutes if i used a SSD instead of a hybrid SSD drive)
- PC auto restarts, enters configuration settings, blah blah blah...
- Monitor display the desktop at default's 800x600 pixel resolution (did not change this setting)
- Started installing drivers while restarting one at a time (did not install GPU driver yet)
PS.: All software drivers were downloaded straight from their official websites on 64-bit while matching the exact computer component part names/codes prior from my own PC, since the brand new computer doesn't and/or shouldn't have any drivers installed except for the Monitor that was auto-detected by the motherboard/Windows 7 (or else it wouldn't even display at the monitor at all from the start)
- Restarted/Rebooted PC
*Reminder* did not install GPU drivers yet

After opening My Computer folder, the PC just FROZE, i freaked out, i waited 10 minutes wondering if it might be the CPU lagging or something... nothing... mouse still frozen, keyboard keys not responding (not even Ctrl + Alt + Delete)... I had no other way but to hold the Power Button to force shut down the system.

After powering up the PC, the Monitor did not detect the PC anymore. OH F**K MY LIFE, i sweared.

~~Failed Attempts and/or Solutions multiple times~~
- Remove my power cord and hold the botton for like 30 seconds to 1 minute and then connect it back and turn it on
- Remove RAM and try ALL POSSIBLE COMBINATIONS on the RAM Slots with a single RAM and double RAM (Do you really want me to explain this in detail on how i did this? Seriously... i'm not that stupid...)
- Took apart all computer parts and reconnected everything from scratch once again for 2 times.
- I tried all of the GPU/Graphic/Video Card's connections (DVI, VGA and HDMI), It works fine on my own PC, so its not the monitor's fault or the connection cables.

~~My Diagnostics And Possible Issues*?*~~
- Motherboard doesn't have a CMOS battery, so physically unplugging the battery for 30 seconds
and putting back in is impossible, but its not necessary since the only thing that i changed was the RAM's frequency while leaving and checking everything else to be default/AUTO.
- All fans working (CPU Fan, Case Fan, GPU Fan)
- All Motherboard LED lights lights up like normal
- PC turns on within 10 seconds (left it for 5 minutes just to make sure) and when i press the Power Button it shuts down in 20-30 seconds
- Monitor doesn't display/detect when PC is TURNED ON. (Like literally, the monitor is black and it doesn't show BIOS or Windows, so therefore going into BIOS is also impossible.

~~Things that i have yet to try and believe it might work~~
- Test the video card on my own PC
- Test the RAM on my own PC

I'm not a computer expert, but i am a veteran if i say so myself. This is my very first post on any computer related sites so i'm not very confident on how i placed my problems on the correct way and/or section. Please if anyone out there can help me out, i would greatly appropriate your response. AGAIN, all computer parts are brand new but i'm thinking it might be a defective Video Card.


Jul 17, 2013
Can you try the VGA in another PC or another VGA in this PC?

BTW granted I'm behind the times but do modern mobos really not have a CMOS battery? How do they store and reset the settings then?

Richard He

Jan 11, 2015
No idea, i've build many computers already, and this is the first MOBO that i've used in a build without a CMOS battery and also without VGA, DVI and HDMI connection ports. a CMOS battery would definitely help a ton. I currently have no access to the GPU card, since its in my family friend's house, i'll have to try it out sometime this weekend since i got college again starting today >.<

Richard He

Jan 11, 2015
OMG, i've found the CMOS Battery, how could i had missed that? stupid graphic card... the GPU card uses 2 slots and it was covering it on top of it... now i can add something on my list to hopefully solve this... =.= i was thinking its impossible not to have a CMOS battery as well... guess the future for rechargeable paper battery has not come yet lol