Question Computer Turns on then immediately turns off.

Dec 6, 2019
So to start I had a friend that’s Pc took a dump on him, he thought his problem was the psu. I had a EVGA 1000w psu spare that I gave to him to see if it would fix his problem. He tells me it doesn’t work. I thought he was crazy. So I bring home the PSU and decided to put In my PC, because the EVGA PSU works (paperclip tested seems to work fine). In my computer that worked fine before I swapped power supplies has a Corsair HX1000. Un plugged everything from my HX1000 PSU (24 pin, CPU 8pin, GPU Power, 3x SATA power cables) and plugged all of them into my EVGA 1000w PSU. My computer booted up no problems if you didn’t know I swapped PSU’s you would even know a difference. Shut down my computer, unplugged everything again from the EVGA PSU and plugged everything back into the HX1000. Tried to power my computer on and itcomes on, lights on fans come on for a split second and then turns back off. I hear a clicking noise in the PSU (sounds like a switch flipping on and off) and I get power for a split second then back to nothing. I started to think something went wrong with my HX1000 because my computer wouldn’t turn on. SO I tried to swap back to the EVGA power supply. Having the same problem with both PSUs that I have, comes on (gets lights and everything) the immediately turn off. My computer has worked fine for over 1 year no hiccups, nothing. I have had the Corsair HX1000 in my pc for a while and had no problems. Unplugged it, HX1000, plugged in, EVGA 1000w, computer boots fine. Unplugged the EVGA psu and plugged the HX1000 back in now I have nothing. Nothing with either PSU. I’m at the point I don’t know what the problem is. I’ve pulled my whole pc apart and can’t pinpoint the problem. Ive tried to start it breadboarded, nothing. I’ve tried everything I know and have browsed forums for hours trying to figure it out. I have built a few PCs in my time so this is not my first build. I’ve got some knowledge and experience but not near enough so I’m reaching out for some help from anyone.
Thanks in advance.
Specs of PC
Case: Corsair Crystal 570
Mobo: ASUS Z-97A
CPU: i7 4790k
CPU Cooler: H100i
GPU: Asus ROG Strix 1079
PSU: Corsair HX1000
SSD: 2x 1Tb 850 EVOs


You don't need that much power from your PSU for that build you've got. That being said, while breadboarded, did you remove the CMOS battery and replace it after at least 30 minutes? Just for the sake of relevance, did you use the cables that are meant for their respective PSU's and not interchange them?

FYI, paperclip tests don't indicate how much power a PSU can effectively output to the entire system, in fact you're asked to have a load on one of the connectors via a case fan or a bad drive. That doesn't show you how much power is being drawn or the unit is outputting to it's abilities.