Question Computer underperforming after cleaning/reseating ram

Mar 20, 2020
Hey guys looking for some advice or input here;

Two days ago I took my computer apart to reseat my ram and clean out the dust (using compressed air); when I put it back together it seemed a little slower booting and loading; apps loaded slower; overall generally a tad slower.

Went to try a game of Overwatch and the sounds was slightly crackling almost, hard to describe but it was almost like there was a loose connection. I checked connections and they’re all fine. Also feels like I’m playing on 40 fps when I normally have it capped at 299. My FPS counter is also reading around ~240 when it usually read 299/300 like I said.

Thought it may be a ram issue since I did have a few BSOD in the past couple weeks; replaced the ram with brand new sticks and still the same problem. No errors in memtest with new ram. Updated BIOS and reset windows. Checked all connections.

I’m wondering if maybe the liquid in the can of air got in there somehow? I can’t really think of anything else. Maybe the motherboard is shorting out? Gonna need this thing if we’re gonna be in quarantine for a while haha.

i7 9700k
Currently 16gb Corsair Vengeance RGB PRO 3000mhz (had the same but 3200mhz)
2080 ti
Asus ROG z390-e motherboard