Computer Upgrade(s)


May 22, 2012
Hello guys,

So I have two computers, 1 - a dell Optiplex GX520, and another, 2 - a dell dimension E521, AMD Athlon x2 3800+. They both are standard except they each have 4GB of RAM. SO heres the questions i have.

1. Is it possibly to put a graphics card in the Dell Optiplex GX520? I don't really see a spot except for the white slots, i dont know what those are, and if so, could you link me?

2. Could i put my Dell Optiplex processor in my Dell Dimension E521 to speed it up without any problems? It has a slot for a graphics card im pretty sure, or can i buy a new processor(s) for it? if so, could you link me?

Thanks, and any help is appreciated.


The Optiplex has only PCI slots (the white ones!) Although you can still get PCI GPUs they're pretty antiquated, and the chances of getting a low-profile one are zero. I believe the Optiplex is Intel and the Dimension is AMD? So a CPU swap is out...Also you have the best CPU that the Dimension supports. The only improvement i see is to get a reasonable GPU for the Dimension as it has a PCI Express slot.