Question Computer will not boot after sudden BSOD - possible m.2 ssd issue


Sep 10, 2014
I recently purchased an ABS Master computer with the specifications as listed on this page:

After about a day of use, it flashed a blue screen of death for about a half second and then crashed. Now, when I turn it on, the screen looks like this:

When I reset the computer it will go into the bios, but when I exit the bios it will never boot into Windows and just go into the bios again.

One thing I noticed was that the m.2 ssd, the one that Windows is installed on, was not listed in the bios:

I tried switching the SSD to the other m.2 slot, but this has no effect.

Can anyone help?


It sometimes helps to narrow down the damage by booting from a usb external device. You could download a linux live distro ISO (e.g. LinuxMint Mate or Ubuntu Mate ISO) and load that onto a usb stick (e.g. using Rufus). Then try booting from that and using the apps included with Linux (e.g. Disks and Gparted) to see if there is any recognition and response from the m.2. Best case scenario, you find out how much of your hardware still works and if you can access the m.2 you may be able to use their file manager to retrieve essential files. Worst case scenario, you still can not access the m.2 in which case you would have to consider either removing it yourself and trying it in an m.2 external enclosure or sending your entire unit back to the seller. If its still under warranty a return to the seller would probably be safest. But it would help if you could narrow down what caused the whole thing by determining what else works.