Question Computer Will not Boot

Jan 13, 2019
My computer has worked for the past 5 years without any real problems. I was vacuuming around it and happened to lightly bump the case when my screen blue-screened and tried to reboot. After powering back on my monitors showed no signal, my mouse received no signs of power, and my keyboard was doing a wave of lights across the keys as it does when it has a connection problem. The computer made no beeps, but everything was lit up and all fans were working.

I tested everything but the power supply as it appeared proper power circulation was happening and determined that my motherboard must have been the issue. I replaced it, connected everything properly, and now the computer would only boot for a half a second before powering off. I quadruple checked all cabling and everything appeared in order. I said hell with it and got a new power supply.

I swapped the PSU, confirmed everything was connected and seated properly, and now aside from the light being on on the motherboard, there were no signs of power when hitting either the power or reset buttons. I tried swapping the connectors of the power/reset buttons and the same issue persisted.

I then swapped the new motherboard out with the old one and kept the new PSU in, connected and seated everything properly, and the issue where it appears all power is circulating but the computer isn't booting and my monitors show no signal persisted.

Is it actually possible that my light bump of the computer case with a vacuum could have shot something other than my MOBO or PSU?

Anyone seen anything like this? I'm at a loss.
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So you've tried a different power supply, different motherboard?

Try disconnecting all the storage devices from the motherboard, see if it will POST. If not, leave them disconnected, all of them, and remove all but one stick of RAM and make sure IT is installed in the A2 slot (DDR4_1). No love? Swap that stick out for the other stick. Still no love? Pull the whole system out of the case and bench test it.