Computer will run 1 stick of new 1600 ram, but not two. Help!


Jan 3, 2012
I recently got new ram for my computer. I am running an AMD 955 in an ECS A880LM-M (which is discontinued i believe, but i have the specs). The motherboard supports 1600(oc), 1333, and 1060 mHz. The new ram (Patriot) is 8gb (two sticks), 1600, and when I put them both into my two slots, my computer tries to boot into Windows 7, but then gets BSOD. I have tried running one stick, which worked fine, and one stick of the Patriot, and one stick of my old XMS (DDR3, 1333, 2gb a stick) together, they run fine, and windows sees 6gb of ram. I havve gone into my BIOS, and changed the memory frequency to 1600mHz. On startup, the motherboard recognizes 8gb of RAM running at 1600 mHz, but my computer wont start after that. I have been trying to get this working for hours now, and I could really, really use some help. Thanks.

P.S. I have tested both sticks individually, and they both work fine. My processor is running at 3.2 ghz (stock).