Question Computer will show an DPC_Watchdog Error, upon a fresh installation of Windows 10

Oct 10, 2019
I accidentally restarted my pc when it was updating windows 10. This caused my PC to be stuck in a boot loop. I turned off my PC, and came back to it ten minutes later hoping that it would resolve the issue. it would go to my boot screen and say "attempting to make repairs", after a good 5 or so minutes it immediately cuts to a blue screen of death. it said DPC_Watchdog error, then restarts to my booting screen, this time without the "attempting to make repairs". It would be indefinitely stuck in that mode. I am currently trying to install a fresh version of windows ten onto it. I fiddled with the BIOs to make the flashdrive with the Fresh install on top of the priorities. It then would cut to a black screen with the dots spinning in a circle and would cut to a blue screen with the same error as before, and would repeat the whole process after restarting. I cannot access safe mode at all too, whether i shut off my pc three times, or holding shift f8. This is currently driving me insane I would appreciate some help on this.

Motherboard: MSI Krait gaming z370
GPU: GTX 970
CPU: Intel 8600k
Ram: 1x 16 gb crucial ddr4
Storage: m.2 500gb crucial
iso OS: Windows 10
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