Question Computer won’t post after abrupt crash to black screen

Apr 24, 2022
Hi all,

Long story short my computer has died and I’m looking for advice on which parts I send back for warranty, as I’ve been out of the game for a while and don’t really have the means/time to do a thorough investigation myself.
come up a sucker when my headset went ‘Brrrt’ as my computer crashed to a black screen, I was. streaming games at the time.
Computer is still running at this point, but otherwise dead, a few resets and no posting at all, just black screen with ‘no signal’ from the monitor.

For a while before this crash I have had intermittent boot issues, where when switched on, my computer wouldn’t post and would just show a monitor on sleep, I’d have to restart once or twice before function returned. It wasn’t often enough and I didn’t use it enough to think much of it. I seldom had issues when the computer was actually running.

All fans run seemingly normal, no unusual smells or odd noises and all lights show up as expected on components.

I’ve done the usual tests, clear cmos, monitor, ram, checked GPU, taken out everything bar a ram stick, cpu and motherboard. Still no change. No visible signs of damage to my CPU when lifted (the things water cooled so overheat is highly unlikely). Ran the computer without it just to see, behaved very differently, fans much slower, no lights etc. but not enough to write off the CPU as okay.

the Cpu, gpu, ram and motherboard are all two years old and under warranty.

I’m primarily thinking power supply, but could still be something else.
Anyone had anything similar or have any ideas? Thanks in advance, any help is greatly appreciated!

Win 10
Intel I5 9600k
ASUs Tuf z390 plus.
16gig corsvenglpx DDR4 3600 c18 ram
Nvidia GTX 2070.
Coolermaster Silent Pro 1000W Modular PSU