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Question Computer won’t start but all lights and and fans come on for a second and computer black screens and gpu fans go to max

Jul 2, 2020
MOBO: Asrock b450 steel legend
CPU: Amd Ryzen 5 3600(Stock settings)
GPU: Gigabyte 2060 super OC white edition(stock oc)
RAM: Corsair Vengence 16gb 3200mhz
PSU: Corsair cx550m
Case: NZXT h510i
CPU temps are 90 full load and GPU temps are 65 full load*celcius
This build is 3 weeks old.

Recently I have tried starting my computer and when I press the power button the lights and fans will come on for a second and then turn off and only the motherboard lights will be left on.

I also have tried starting it directly through the motherboard by touching the power pins on the bottom with a screwdriver and the same thing happens.

If I hold the power button everything will turn on and off including the motherboard lights. Sometimes after a few presses it will turn on.

The problem is that once turned on, I will be playing a game for example X-Plane 11 recently and the monster went black and fans went to max. As well as this the lights on my Corsair ll120 and Corsair vengence ram changed to rainbow. This is the color of the computer when it starts before I log into windows.

What would most likely be the cause of this problem? Thank you!