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Question Computer won't boot after encountering BSOD


Oct 12, 2010
I've encounter several BSODs recently of various causes as indicated on the screen and my computer finally stopped working today. It booted and showed the motherboard screen (the screen that shows the brand of my motherboard) after encountering BSOD caused by KMODE EXCEPTION NOT HANDLED. But then, it didn't start anymore. I have tried resetting the cmos by removing the battery and it worked once but later the computer stopped working again. What should I do? Thank you!

In addition, I suspected the old graphics card caused the problem but the possibility was eliminated as the computer won't boot even without the graphics card plugged in.

Windows 10
Intel i7-6700
Asus H170 Pro
2x 8GB Adata DDR4
AMD 7850
256GB Adata SSD
Several HDDs
550W Power Supply
Reset the CMOS again and try to revert RAM to stock speeds. See if that works.

If you manage to get to Windows it's a good time to start upgrading all your drivers. GPU, Network, Audio, BIOS, the whole nine yards. You can use something like Driver Booster 7/8 Free and uninstall it when you're done.

If that persists. You may want to look at re-installing Windows.

If it still persists, you may be looking at a defective unit. In which case, best of luck to you in figuring out, which one as this process is will be quite tedious.