Question Computer wont boot after new front panel installation

May 13, 2019
Background: So the computer system I have now was built about 5 years ago, and has worked well the whole time. Until about 6 months ago, when my brother damaged the front panel audio by yanking out a pair of headphones. sometime after, I ordered a new front panel module from corsair that they said would go with my case. The module they delivered was slightly different in size, but matched up with the connector sockets on the actual front panel. To get the module to fit in between the case and the front panel, I had to cut some plastic off of the module. Nevertheless, when it was all put back together, it booted fine. However, once it booted, if the front panel was touched or if something was put into the USB sockets, the PC would immediately turn off. This ended after a week and the PC worked completely fine after that. Until today, when I put a usb drive with family photos into the front panel USB. The pc immediately turned off. I then restarted the pc with the usb drive already in. This worked fine and i uploaded all of the files. Once loaded, I took the usb drive out and the PC turned off. I restarted it and it went to a black screen, no BIOS or anything. I have tried over and over, it will not boot at all, only a black screen. PC details are below:
motherboard-gigabyte GA-970A-UD3P
graphics card-gigabyte r9-270x 2gb
ram-16 gb hyperx fury
cpu- amd 6300
case- corsair 200r
PSU- corsair cx600m
hdd- western digital 1 tb blue

I appreciate any help you can give.