Question Computer won't boot off NVMe SDD when HDD is connected ?

Jul 22, 2022
Hi yall! I've been trying to fix this problem for a little while now and have no idea what is causing it. Created an account just to ask this so hopefully someone knows what's going on.

So my computer has stopped booting off of my NVMe SSD whenever the HDD is connected. It gives me that "insert bootable media and press any key " message whenever I turn it on. Which never used to be a problem; it used to boot off the NVMe SSD with the HDD attached just fine literally a couple days ago.
It just started having this problem after the power in my room got knocked out while the PC was in sleep mode.

It boots fine when only the NVMe SSD is connected. I've tried connecting my HDD to different SATA ports but that hasn't fixed anything either.

I haven't messed with anything in the bios recently, nor prior to this had I messed with any of the internals. Boot order is still the same. Both drives do have Windows 10 on them, and accessing it on one drive or the other was never a problem before. HDD still boots to Windows 10 when connected to my other PC, so I know it being broken is not the issue.

Any ideas as to how to fix this? Am I just being dumb and accidentally missing something? I am genuinely stumped here.

The NVMe SDD is a Samsung 970 Evo, the HDD is just a regular WD Blue, and my motherboard is an MSI B350M Pro.