Question Computer won't boot past bios after installing liquid cooler, not sure where to post this

Sep 27, 2023
I'm not sure if this belongs in the gpu topic, but I honestly have no idea what might be causing this, and I can't find answers anywhere.

I recently posted a question in the CPU forum topic about my i7-13700kf overheating. After reading through many helpful answers-many thanks to users Sycoreaper and uWebb429-I bought a Corsair H150i Capellix XT and installed it today. However, after installing it, my monitor wasn't receiving any signal from the DisplayPort cable. This kept on happening until it eventually launched normally for no apparent reason. Since then, I was able to run cinebench on it multiple times and use chrome without any issues. It started randomly shutting down the monitor and saying that it couldn't get a signal from displayport. Now it's even worse; I was able to play a game for about five minutes before the monitor shut down again. Now whenever I try to restart it, it shows the MSI MAG bios loading screen from my motherboard, and then cuts to a black screen with around five green pixels in the top left.

Extra info because I don't know what might be helpful or not:
  1. when it shuts down, everything still seems to be working. fans are spinning and the rgbs are all on.
  2. after installing the cooler, the fans seem to take a little longer to start spinning than they used to when I power it on.
  3. GPU fans seem to be active much less often than they used to be
  4. my monitor is plugged into my GPU, which is why I thought that the gpu might be contributing to the problem.
  5. A few times when it shut down to the 'no signal' screen, either the case fans or gpu fans would start going really fast and loud, couldn't tell which.
  6. I can't open my bios because it goes directly to the black screen with dots.
  7. I've tried switching from displayport to hdmi and it didn't change anything.
I haven't been able to find any answers and I'm really worried that something is permanently wrong with this computer now. Any information or answers as to what's happening or how I could fix it would be amazing, and I'm happy to answer any questions about the hardware/pc if that would help at all.