Question Computer won't boot to bios with new ram

Jul 25, 2019
I recently purchased 8gb ddr3 for my home server to update its 4gb ram. I checked all the specs and everything to make sure that the ram will work. I purchased the ram ( ) and installed it after removing the old 4gb (just in case it was incompatible with the new ram). The computer turns on, but nothing on the monitor and no error beeps. Even more odd is the fact that the dvd drive keeps making a sound (it normally makes this sound when the computer starts up, but it keeps making the sound over and over) and the fans run at high speed like they do before the computer boots to bios. I tried everything from putting the ram into different slots to adding the old ram. The computer will only boot with the old ram.

I even tried it on my desktop (which also has ddr3) and got the same results. Not booting to bios.

Is there any way to fix this or was I just scammed?