Question Computer won't fully turn off or restart


Nov 18, 2010
Roughly a week ago, my Windows 10 Pro computer stopped turning off or resetting.

I shut it down via the Start menu, as usual, and Windows shows it's shutting down, then the screen goes blank and the monitor light changes to orange as if it's not getting a signal, but the computer itself won't actually turn off. I have to hold down the power button for a few second to get it to turn off no matter how long I let it sit there (it will stay on all night if I don't).

If I attempt to restart it via the same method, it does the same thing (Windows shuts down, then blank screen, then monitor light goes orange but tower light stays on and computer doesn't restart).

I put this computer together myself a couple years ago and have never had any real issues with it. It's an 8700K with 32GB memory and 1080 Ti, so it still handles pretty much anything I throw at it. As far as I can remember, I didn't make any changes (major updates, new software, etc.) around the time it started happening. I'm aware that something must have changed but, for the life of me, can't figure out what it might have been. I'm pretty tech savvy and would have likely remembered or noticed any significant changes.

I've tried updating Windows and I've tried unplugging power, draining with power button, leaving off for 15 minutes or more. Neither have fixed the issue.

Any thoughts? I know a Windows reset is possible but, having the important files and software I do on the computer, I'm hesitant to do that unless I've exhausted any other possible options that don't involve a Windows reinstall or reset.

Advice or remedies to try would be greatly appreciated.


Mar 23, 2020
I would try this:
Revert to the OLDER driver
  • Intel management engine interface
  • Intel power engine plug-in
Also, check the power options section in BIOS for disabled options.