Computer wont get past bios


Aug 30, 2009
My friend has an hp computer that is no longer under warranty has an hp m8532f PC.
Here's the PC

So a little while ago his cousin gave him a windos 32bit operating system disc. He installed the the operating system even though he already had 64bit vista installed the PC. Basically after some time the computer would no longer turn on past the bios screen where it would say HP and there is nothing you can do. I tried to switch out the ram with my own pair but it would not work. I think it may be the hard drive or the motherboard. Any help would be nice thnx.
After the BIOS, repeatedly press the F8 key. At the advanced boot menu, select to boot "Last known good configuration." You will be given the choice of OS to boot, select Vista. In Vista, delete the partition that has XP, then remerge the partitions.
If the computer freezes on the BIOS, then chances are the problem is heat related. Heat could have caused the memory slots to burn, thus disabling that circuit on the motherboard.

Connect your cousin's hard drive as a slave in a known working computer. If Windows detects the slave drive, then it is physically fine. At this point I don't think the freezing has anything to do with either of the OS set up.

Generally speaking, when there is a failure in the boot sector, then Windows would cause the computer to go into an endless restart cycle. That isn't happening here.

If possible, post the temperature readings in your BIOS, that is if you can get that far.


Sep 7, 2011

here try this take out the Bios battery and unplug the machine for about 1 minute boot the system up w/o the bios battery installed, if it successfully boots up shut it down, stick your tongue on the battery see if it has a charge if not buy a new one if it does have a charge put it back on the main board :) hope this helps i just fixed a HP/Compaq Presario F700 with a heat gun, had to to the battery trick to get everything to recognize on the board again usb drives etc.