Question Computer wont give me a signal at all after turning on and lighting up

Jul 24, 2022
so I recently built my first computer and it lights up and powers on and fans spin when turned on, even the keyboard and mouse lights but when I plug my hdmi cable into the gpu it gives no signal, ive been trying to get into the bios for around two hours but I cant get past this no signal error

I have a slight suspicion about what might be causing it:

sorry for the big picture but I heard that that black dot on the pcie connection might be bad for my gpu

any help is appreciated!

Cpu: i3-12100F
Gpu: Rx 6600
Case: Coolermaster mb311L argb
Motherboard: Asrock steel legend b660m
Power supply: Evga 650w supernova ga
Ram: T force black rgb 2x8 16gb
Cpu cooler: Msi mag coreliquid 240r v2
Jul 24, 2022
Is that the contacts side showing it ? You have another to the left and an exposed "tooth" to the right.
The photo taken from quite a bad angle and a bit blurry. Seems like top of the GPU to me.
I do not know what the contacts side is and I apologize for the bad picture quality but heres another one

Is there any specific picture you want me to take at any angle that would help you diagnose the problem?