Computer won't load windows after bios


Mar 8, 2009
Hey all,

I just put togeather a new computer system and now it won't load windows. Here's the situation. I bought a new 500W power supply, a GF8200A Black series mother board, an AMD Athalon X2 black edition processor, and finally a GForce 9500 GT Graphics card which is currently not installed yet. Now I installed everything but the graphics card and went through the bios as per the instructions and yet when i try to run windows it tells me to load safe mode. So i do and yet it takes me back to the loading screen for entering bios or to pick the drive to load from. I even went as far as to put the windows XP instalation disc in, but it does nothing. at this point i'm confused as what to do now. the hard drive is only 160, but it had windows xp on it before and the cd drive has been perfectly fine, SO Doe anyone have any ideas or knows what is going on? Any help wold be appriciated.
Theres not enough information to be sure what the problem is but

1/ check the hard drive and cd/dvd are recognised in BIOS

2/ check that the hard drive is set to master and dvd to slave if they are on the same cable .

3/ check that the cd/dvd is the first boot device . Running windows will format the hard drive and any data on it will be lost . Are you sure thats what you want?
There is a way around this if windows i already on the disc but Im not going to explain it if you want to do a fresh install and all your data is backed up somewhere else .