Computer wont post all fans except video card running


Jan 3, 2013
So i just bought an evga 660 sc and i installed it into my computer. But before i tell you what happened let me explain some backround.
I had in a radeon 7770 and a gtx 550 ti before this card, no problems at all. Fairly old power supply, but its 1000w and still turns everything on fine. I had my computer working an hour ago too. Msi 970a g45 motherboard.
so i turn on my computer after seating the 660 in and plugging in the 6 pin power cord and the computer keeps on running without any beeps. I placed each of my old cards in one at a time and same thing happened. After a while i saw my fans on my cards stopped i took out my cards unplugged all of my fans and my hard drives and even yook out my ram. Leaving only the cpu to be connected to my computer. Still no beeps at all.
my 2 guesses are a fried motherboard or failed power supply.
But i need someones advice to tell me what the problem actually is :(
((I also cleared the cmos (((((nothing still))))))))