Computer won't recognise pcie video cards.


Nov 3, 2011
Hi I have an old ACER

My problem is i can only use the onboard intregrated graphics card(radeon xpress200) But I have a PCIe socket and i have tried 3 different video cards(x1950 pro,Msi 5670,EN9600GT)
I have the driver software for all these video cards but when i insert the card and boot up the computer my pciexpress socket or inserted video card isn't recognised by the computer it only recognises the intregrated graphics card this crappy xpress200.

When i tried to get the x1950 pro to work the computer was powering the fans of the graphic card but not recognising the card.

I can only think of 3 reasons for this.
1.Could it be the cards aren't recognised because i only have a 300w power supply.

2.My computer isn't compatible with video cards.Although would seem strange as it has a pcie socket.

3.My pcie socket is broken.In which case how do i repair that?

Any advice would be appreciated while being on a tight budget i would really like to get one of these cards to work to improve my fps. 30fps crossfire or about 7fps crysis.Thats with all the settings on low 800x600.

Is it worth buying a bigger power supply then maybe it still doesnt recognise cards.


Oct 31, 2011
IT pro user will answer this question but if i may answer this questions.
300W power supply must need new one with at least 500W.

PCIe gpu must need bios setting which main board build in gpu.

go to your main board option please disable onboard graphic.

If PCIe socket is broken ohhh.. must need RMA or buy new main board is best option.

Newer GPU must need bigger power supply.

I really don't know Crysis requirment but most user said it must need good GPU + bigger power supply(for GPU) and memory at least 2GB. I hope you already have good cpu at this moment.

LoL good luck and sorry about my point less advice~ ^^