[SOLVED] Computer wont recognize external hard drive


Feb 14, 2013
Ok so I purchased a amazon basics external hard drive enclosure that enclused a large segate Baracuda 2000GB drive with it. When I connect it to my windows 8.1 PC it popped up installing driver for Amazon basic hard drive enclosure and went though that process pretty quickly. When I go to My PC though it does not show the drive though as it normally would as say Drive F:

So i went under control panel, devices and printers, and under device manager. Looking under disk drives it does show the drive and it is named the exact model thats on the seagate drive, ST2000DM 001-1CH164 usb device.

Under the details it shows it listed as a USB Mass storage device. Under Volumes it shows no information at all, under disk, type, status, partition sytle, capacity, volumes etc, it simply has a dash symbol - . I hit the Populate option under volumes and it now has assigned some info to the drive. It shows it as Disk 2, Type is now basic, status is online, Partition type is GUID GPT, capacity is 2TB, unallocated space is 1mb and reserved space is 0mb.

Also the drive is now showing up under Disk Management when it did not before I chose populate. It does not have a letter assigned to it though and it doesnt appear to give me the option to. All options are greyed out except delete drive. Another thing is it does not show a files system type while the other drives all show NTFS under file system type. Any help to name and access this drive greatly appreciated!
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