Computer wont recognize my hard drives in bios

"Sata cables 80% should be" - - I won't even pretend to know what you mean by that ??

If the drives are recognised on other computers, it could be a limitation of your computer's BIOS if the drives are high capacity ones and your computer is an old model (that's assuming those same drives have never been recognised on your computer).

That can usually be fixed by updating your computer's BIOS version. Where you download a compatible BIOS update from depends on what type of computer it is:

a) If it's a laptop or factory built desktop PC, download from laptop or PC maker's website.

b) If it's a "no name" home-built or custom-built PC, download from the motherboard maker's website.
May 28, 2013
Thats not the case

The drives are fine, and of various models both old and new, and the computer is about a year old so everything should work nicely. I tried a lot of error checking so we're more informed now, still havent found the solution (hard drives not recognized in bios).

(80% sata means im quite sure the satas are working nicely, havent been able to test em in other comps).