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Question Computer won't start after cmos reset. What's dying?

Jun 30, 2020
So first I cleaned my computer (as usual every 1-2 months), nothing fancy, only dry tissue, i didn't take it apart. Then it won't turned on, after checking the cables and wobbling them, the computer turned on, but the mouse and keyboard didn't worked. After a restart everything was fine. That was a week ago.

Then Windows didn't updated. (That was 3-4 days ago) I had a blue screen of death, it was strange but I think it happend because of the lack of Windows update. I fixed it, the registry file was broken. I restarted the computer, Windows did the updates everything was fine.

After 2 days (today) I played as usual, and suddenly the computer frozen. I was wearing headphones and hearing a terrible sound (it was software sound, maybe the way the game frozen) but not the usual stuck sound like "brrrrr", it was changing (IT WAS NOT THE SOUND OF THE COMPUTER HARDVER) So I pressed the restart button, nothing happend. Then pressed the power off button long and it turned off. After this, I tried to restart it. It turned on for 2 seconds (lights fans, no display), then stopped (turned off completely). And it was in that loop again until I turned off the PSU. Disconnected it from the wallsocket waited, then connected bakc everything, it was in a loop again after I pressed the power button.

So I turned off the PSU, disconnected from the wall socket. Then I reseted the motherboard (I'm sure I did it the right way). After pressing power button, it started and didn't stopped, but there was no display. I tried with other monitor, but the PC didn't loaded Windows or anything else, I'm sure. There was no sound and my graphics card has a green light and it was white (when the computer didn't load Windows yet).

Next I played around with the RAMs. I booted the PC 3 or 4 times successfully. One time with only one RAM and two or three times with only one RAM stick, but with the other one (So I think RAM is working). After a successful boot with one stick, I shut down the computer. (Successful boot= everything working, I opened chrome too) And as I tried to start it up it stucked in a starting stopping loop again. I reseted the motherboard again, and tried every variation of the RAM sticks, and it didn't booted again.

It's 1 am and I'm tired so maybe my grammar is wrong (and I'm not a native english speaker).
I hope somebody can help me, I'm really stressed out.
Thank you in advance for the help!