Computer won't start after installing new RAM


Jul 7, 2016
So I recently bought new DDR4 RAM for my Gigabyte X99M Gaming 5 motherboard running an intel core i7 5820k. I started off with 16GB at 2400 mhz with 2 free slots. I would tend to get massive frame drops when playing WoW and noticed on task manager my memory was being fully used even with WoW being the only program launched. This has been happening for a few days so I thought I'd by another 2x8GB DDR4 by corsair, only this time it was 3400 mhz.

I'm no computer expert but I do understand how to build a computer, as a did so myself. I did not think that different speeds of RAM would have an affect on my computer (if this is the problem here, the only one I can think of). Anyway, I install my new RAM in the empty slots (after the computer has been off for at least 30 minutes), with everything uplugged and the power supply off and the plug the computer back in. Nothing happens, as in, the computer doesn't even begin to start. No lights, no sound, nothing. Tamper with it a couple more times, unplugging and replugging the power supply from everything and still nothing happens. The only sign of life it shows is the manual power button light on the motherboard lighting for a split second when I plug it in.

Anyway, computer is at the shop for a diagnostic now. Just curious what went wrong and if something is fried.


Mixing memory can have undesirable results. For best performance, you should have matching memory.

In this case, in the BIOS, was your previous memory config manually or automatically set? If auto, then the BIOS should be been able to match the mixed memory to work together (at the slower settings).

If you aren't sure, resetting the motherboard to its default settings can help resolve these situations. Did you try that?

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