Question computer wont start up now (after power interrupted )


Mar 16, 2016
Hi guys!

I need some help troubleshooting my system which will not boot up at all.

I unplugged/ interrupted the power. Crappy power bar with a reset button on the swtich.
The reset button got partially pressed when the computer was on, then the chord got unplugged.
The computer would not boot after this : (

No fan noise
No lights I could see.

I went and got a new power supply and installed.

I noticed a sound this time when I push the secondary power button.
A small click, and I see a read light on the motherboard.

Still no boot up, no fans, nothing .

I also tried swapping out for another hard drive, no effect.

motherboard Asus gigabit aorus 370
CPU intel I7 8700k
graphics gtx 1080ti
PSU (old) evga supernova 1000 G
PSU ( new) evga 850

hard drives (old) samsung evo 970 1tb
hard drive ( new ) samsung evo 970 500mb

I would like some input on how to test these remaining parts:
I assume its motherboard at this point, or the CPU , or both?

Hoping something is salvaged from this was a 5K$ build in 2018 end

please and thank you in advance, I really need this computer to keep making awesome CG for the planet!
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