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Jun 13, 2009

I've had my piece of junk Windows98SE for a realy long time.
Just recently I brought a new laptop, so I threw my 98 in the corner

There were some files I forgot to transfer, no biggie.
Ya I reconnected my 98 and everything and started it up.

It started normally, till I was brought to a black screen:

Starting Windows 98
Type in the command interpreter (eg C:\WINDOWS\COMMAND.COM)

No matter what I type, I can't bypass this. Now I've searched on Google, found threads about users formatting their HDD or simalur and getting this.

Thing is, I didn't do that.

Also I don't have the Windows 98 boot disk as I got it for free from peoples resorces

What to do, what to do...
The file Command.COM has either been deleted or become corrupt. You can check the Windows\Options\Cabs folder to see if all the .CAB files are on the hard drive. If they are, you can reinstall 98 on top of the old installation by running Setup.EXE.

You could also buy one of those USB hard drive converters and just hook up the drive to the new computer to copy the files over that way.
As Zoron said the USB 2.0 transfer is a sure fire way to transfer your old files from the 98SE HDD and is the method of choice for myself, but I work on a lot of machines and its more of a necessity device for me, heres a Newegg link to a good one.

OK so if you don't want to go that route heres some additional suggestions you can download a floppy Win98SE bootdisk creator from, and create a 98SE bootdisk.

WARNING: If you use that bootdisks FDISK features and delete the primary partition, or Format C:, you'll destroy all your data you're trying to recover, so unless you are 100% familiar with using the Bootdisk, you need to educate yourself before using it.

NOTE: Depending on the amount of time this 98SE machine has been idle your problem could be simply because of a dead CMOS M/B battery, meaning all your old CMOS settings are gone, or corrupted, because the battery supplies the power to retain those settings.

You could try replacing the CMOS battery with a new one usually a CR2032, or you could leave the Computer powered for about 3 hrs, if the CMOS Battery has any life left it will recharge itself, or you could simply clear and reset the CMOS hoping the present battery is still good.

Make sure the CMOS is cleared first you can do this by unplugging the power from the wall, note the orientation of the CMOS M/B battery remove it from the M/B for about 90sec, then replace it, reconnect the power then follow the next instructions to reset the CMOS.

If the computer was fully functional before it was shutdown and nothing has been removed from inside the machine the solution to restarting it may be as simple as clearing and resetting the CMOS.

Enter the CMOS setup by either pressing F2, or Delete on boot and reset the Date and Time, and apply optimized defaults, save and exit CMOS and see what happens from there, CMOS maneuvering instructions are usually at the bottom of the CMOS window, sometimes they're at the top.



Jun 13, 2009

I feel real dumb now
CMOS battery?
That's in the PC right? cause this isn't a laptop.
I did alot of stuff to it.\

One thing is for sure is that the side cover to access the internal parts was always open or loose.
Second, I removed the floppy drive when my friend gave me his computer. I took out the CD Drive and replaced it with the DVD Drive.
That worked. Then exchanged RAM (found out it didn't fit)

But like I said, I got my laptop and kinda sorta left it out, about five times I turned it on to check and transfer files.

(It was laying in the living room by the way)
I thought it was in the way, so I pushed it into my room (too lazy to pick up)
About maybe a week later I found out I forget very important files on the HDD
I also found some floppy disks and wanted to know what were on them.
So, I reconnected the floppy drive and turned on the PC.

Thats when I saw the error, so I thought it was the floppy drive.
So I re disconnected it and turned it on again.
Again, same error.

So idk about the dead CMOS battery
it was only around a week

So if I download the floppy Win98SE bootdisk, will I need a floppy still? cause if so, I'm in a tight spot.

uh, I will try resetting the CMOS
I'll see if that works.

Alright thanks.,
(as you can see, I'm not very smart with computers)

Edit: How will the USB transfer thingy work?
Do I just connect a removable disk and it will transfer files?
But won't that black screen still come up?

Many thanks.

Sorry it took so long to get back to you there were forum software glitches that did not notify of email responses to posts but that has been resolved.

So whats your situation now?

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