Question Computer won't turn on

Feb 7, 2021
in the process of upgrading my computer with all new parts from overclockers. The computer will turn on fine with the old parts but whenever we take them out and put the new parts in(RAM, CPU and motherboard) the pc wont turn on. The motherboard LED comes on showing that the psu is on but when i press the power button nothing happens. I got it to turn on once by putting a paperclip in the atx power connecter and managed to install a fresh windows but when I turned it off it wouldnt turn on again.

Old parts:
Intel dh87rl motherboard
Intel i5 (dont know exact but 10 years old)
Crucial balistics RAM 8gb ddr3

New parts:
ROG strix b550 motherboard
rhyzen 5 5600x
corsair vengence lpx ddr4 16gb
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