Computer won't work, thinking motherboard problem.


Jun 17, 2011
Hi, I recently bought a barebones package off tigerdirect and a GPU off newegg. I assemlbed the computer and everything runs fine, LEDs turn on and fans run. However no image is sent to the monitor.

and a generic Radeon HD 6850 GPU

I turn the computer on and no POST beeps occur nor do any images appear on the monitor. I figured that the problem was the bulldozer processor BIOS not running with the motherboard BIOS. I called ASUS and had them send me a new BIOS chip. Upon putting the new BIOS chip in, the computer is still the same, no images nor POST beeps appear/happen.

I've gone through all the steps that ASUS customer support suggests and the only other problem I can think of is that the motherboard manual doesn't support the ram in the kit. If that's not it, then i'm guessing the motherboard is dead.

any help? thanks.


It is unlikely that Tiger sells, as a kit, parts that are incompatible. It is not impossible but highly unlikely because they would have customers screaming at them and a high RMA rate.

Did you make sure that the RAM is properly seated? You should have to press firmly on the chips until they click into the slots. But do not force them.

The PSU is of unknown quality. Tiger doesn't list the OEM. It is light @ 450 W for your system, but should power up. I suspect that the PSU is the problem, and most likely it is defective. If you have access to another PSU you should swap it out and try with another PSU. clarkjd is right in suggesting at least 500W.

If all of the other parts and cables are correctly connected, then it is probably (90% +) the PSU is defective.