[SOLVED] Computer worked fine yesterday, today it is having serious booting issues.


Sep 10, 2014
So, yesterday the computer was working completely fine. Nothing wrong at all. I had a broken fan blade on my radiator fan (it was broken for a month at this point) so today I opened my case, put in a new one, and booted it up. Everything was fine for at least an hour. My friends and I were all playing siege, when out of no where the screen went black but I could still hear my friends and the game also crashed. Now before you ask, the thermals were perfect as always. 50c on the CPU and mid 60s on GPU. So, after that event happened I forced shut down, booted the PC up, but it didnt get past the login screen, it black screened again. It did this several more times so I reseated the ram, CPU, and gpu, booted it back up and it got past the logon screen in windows. Then, joined my friends discord call and hopped back on siege. Got to the main menu and it crashed again, black screen. Since then, I was able to get to the motherboard splash screen on my pc. Now within the past 2 hours, I cant even get the the motherboard screen at all and cant get into bios.

TLDR; PC was working fine yesterday, but after waking up, getting a fan, installing it, and then booting it was fine for an hour, however the PC has black screened on start ever since.
Can't tell you the times a PC worked fine the day before only to make a small change/fix/upgrade the next day before finding myself in a troubleshooting nightmare for a few hours/days/weeks. Most times it was something I overlooked or unintentionally did. Like Forgetting to reconnect a wire or conversely pulling one loose on accident. Sadly even something that basic can be easily missed.

So how does all of this help you? I have a technique to get my rig working again. You did most of the first step which is reseating everything. One thing I saw not included was wires. I would reseat every electrical connection in your rig as well. Try to boot, if no reseat everything again. It is super easy to miss something. If that fails I skip to labor intensive bare bones build. I pull everything out of the case and build it on a non-conductive ideally static free surface (I keep all anti-static bags/paper I can to lay between parts and said hard surface but card board works in a pinch though less safe for said parts). This eliminates potential grounds and forces one more reseating of everything. If the PC works now you just bumped the motherboard to hard and shorted it on the riser screws which is very very common. As a motherboard warms up the it flexs and shorts itself off/crashed again. If your still not working after a bare bones build you likely have a faulty component and need to begin swapping parts until you find the offending bit. Anyways this always gets me up and running again one way or another. I hope it helps!