Computers could be difficult.


Aug 7, 2015
So I've realised that there are many ways to look at a computer. You can question various points of activity, be it screen, keyboard or hardware.

I posted a thread about the use of a keyboard, however i have began to realise I was watching another topic, subject, or spectrum whilst operating a keyboard. Which has its advantages to speculate the use of how to inform the keyboard to do the right thing.

Computers are strange. One of the most influential part of my lifestyle. It has so many good utilization's inside the software. And that causes a montage of useful things to think about when you're out and about.

How does the keyboard interact with these ideas, or is there something of another subject that can be used in computer science. Although I take the perspective that there are many good uses for a computer (and bad) and that there is a sort of multiplication between whether we use computer science to operate an idea or whether we use ideas to operate computer science.

Is it necessarily a computer science to us.

Anyway hopefully this wont get deleted lol, pose some ideas.

I think myself theres a keyboard in each letter of the alphabet, but what is a keyboard. You could have ideas in each key as I think the keyboard was an idea for the alphabet. You could have one idea, or split two ideas on the board, oscillate between names etc.
Then theres the screen. Definitely should be a reference to the keyboard. (Although games are great) but even with that the graphics should be a reference.
And the hardware to me is resistance. Which it probably is not.

Cheers for reading if you take the time to finish. How do we not get stuck on this. lol