I am wanting to sell my older computer for anew laptop. I don't know how much it would be worth and I want to sell it for a reasonable price


Mar 31, 2010
If you check the current computer price, a brand new i3/i5, 4G RMA, 500GB HD, etc., is around $500. Comparing your old one with that, you may have rough idea how much you can get from selling it.

I am wanting to sell my older computer for anew laptop. I don't know how much it would be worth and I want to sell it for a reasonable price

Since you're asking this in the Windows 95/98/ME section and give no machine specs what so ever, if any of those operating systems came installed on your computer, it is so old its really not worth anything at all, that probably shocks you since during that time period some paid in excess of $2,000.00 for their computers.

In all actuality today it is literally worthless, none of the 9X operating systems are supported by Microsoft any more, and it would have to be of substantial spec power to even run WinXP, your best bet is to donate it to charity and help those less fortunate than you.

Bite the bullet and just buy your new laptop.
Not everyone is loaded enought to buy a Laptop out of the blue and need to sell of a few things and personal items to make money.

as for the system, i think the age of chuck it away should go.. Maybe its a age for the rich, I see a computer and i see a OSCILLISCOPE add £15 for teh connection and a old system as it dont take much. Compared to buy a 2nd hand one for £50 if its working and the tube aint blown. Freeview box, a Digital recorder, a surfing computer hooked up to the TV, Power Supplie with the PSU.. Personaly i had a dream of a LINUX OS using a SB Live or Audigy (EMU chip) for effects for a guitar there for making it in to a AMP with effects .. each effect can cost £15-£50 and amp £50

just takes a dreamer to make rubbish in to some thing else.. another mans rubbish is someone else pot of gold.. any other suggestions for sayings like that

Did you ever take the time to think not everyone has abilities to do as you suggest, if you have those abilities yourself its fantastic, if the OP had those abilities do you think he or she would have to ask the original question in the first place.

I am wanting to sell my older computer for anew laptop. I don't know how much it would be worth and I want to sell it for a reasonable price

You've talked salvaging parts, I do that all the time and build computers and give them away, and I am not rich as you suggest, at least not money wise, but I do know the difference from wasted time on an answer from someone that doesn't even know, or won't take the time to inform of what type, brand, or specifications, of this mystery computer we're talking about in the first place.

You're making suggestions on assumptions, that you're dreaming up, you don't have a clue as to what the OP has in his possession in the first place, or exactly how old the computer in question actually is, and you won't know until he responds, which he has not done as of me posting this to you.

My suggestion is taking into consideration the OP may not have the ability to dissect his computer piece by piece and sell off the individual parts, but with zero computer build information, he can donate the computer to charity and claim the donation on his taxes at the end of the year.

Well just want the spec personaly as i dont judge people what they call old.. for all i know it could be a QUAD corn with dam dual vid cards or some thing,
and some vid cards dont drop as much as CPU and some ram still is keeping a steady price too

a system that has 9x is dam old and £10-£20 for a working system tho ive seen parts split making more
but 9x could mean its got EDO ram what sadly is worth nothing.

i think my dad paid £50 for my first computer a Commodor Pet (sadly yes they can sell for a few £100 now as collectors) but not PC has gotten that high as far as i know, Voodoo6 might be a collector not sure about some of the Intel 8088 or was it 8080 i forget im sure someone will correct me.

so need to know the specs for any thing worth it ok.. could have a Sb Live plat wht ive seen go for £10-£20
and every bit counts to help get a new system

This is the Windows 95/98/ME section, that should at least give you a few clues as to the age of the hardware, so as far as running a quad core with dual video cards on those operating systems. I don't think so!