"cone" graphical glitch on GTX 580


Sep 26, 2011
I've got a GTX 580 and i'm having some very odd graphical glitches. This began to happen just as I upgraded about two drivers ago from the newest one with quite a bit of "the driver has stopped working and has restarted" rubbish. I could deal with that. I downgraded and this no longer happens as frequently. What I can't deal with is the ridiculous artifacting (I think this is the right word) as shown in this picture
Edit: During gameplay just now the whites began to become multicolored and post game this is what the menu looked like http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/571/imag0149l.jpg/
To describe it in words... it is reminiscent of *cones*. This can get extremely bad in various games where the character seems to *emanate* cones rendering the game unplayable. Watching a video via VLC also becomes highly pixelated every now and again. Specifically in Pro evolution soccer 2011 its like the cone *follows* the line of sight of their cameras... and also follows the character around that i'm controlling. Reverting to Medium setting for graphics fixes this..somewhat...
I think i'm running 750W as well as an i7 920 (though this is irrelevant i'd think); or whatever is the lowest recommended for the 580. It's not overheating as i've checked via MSI afterburner. The premier offending game is Deus Ex Human revolution and now Pro evolution soccer 2011. Dead Island works a dream on full settings though...
Should I replace the card? This is what seems to be the general consensus among other forums i've looked through. I bought it about 6 months ago so I think the warranty covers for it?
Thanks in advance guys/gals!


Mar 31, 2009
consult the manufacture for your videocard. You may want to RMA that card. Thats not a normal issue with drivers at all its looks like a memory chip on the card has failed.
Who is the manufacturer of the card ? Try deleting the drivers and start with the original installation disk and then update the drivers from there and see if that helps.Most of the time updating drivers works pretty well but all it takes is a small error and the next thing you know the display is messed up and it usually is the drivers. I would also call the cards tech support to make sure it's not a defective card.

Or it's a generic or underpowered power supply and does not put out the required amps.