Configuration for maya software


Jan 28, 2010
hi this is sayuj. i m using pentium dual core processor,2 gb ram,256gb HD, NVIDIA'S 512 mb graphics card for working in Maya software. but now i got some problem with the Maya application.while working with any file having more than 20 mb the application dosnt support.Problems like runtime error and no free momory space occurs.please give me a good solution for my problem
I never liked maya.

Anyway, for one get more RAM and a 64-bit OS. You may also have alot of background services you don't need that are hogging your RAM. I would also suggest you upgrade your CPU if you're doing alot of 3d modeling. Saying you have a 512mb nVidia card doesn't really tell us much, since there are many different models, so I don't know if that is limiting you as well.