Question Configuring headphones and sorround sound speakers


Jul 18, 2017
Hi I've been playing around with my settings for my head phone and speakers trying to get the best results for gaming but the more I play around with it the more confusing it gets. I've got a pair of hyper x clouds and logitech z906. I've just found the setting for windows sonic for head phones so I'm guessing I'd want that on while using head phones and off for speakers? Also would I switch my realtek audio from sterio to 5.1 depending on what I'm using? And aswell as my in game settings in bfv from 3d headphones to sorround sound? Do I need to change all 3 settings ever time I change from headphones to speakers?
Assuming you are playing a surround source. Your surround speakers should had been configured for surround. U know those screens that ask you how many speakers 2.0, 2.1, 4.0, 5.1, etc-etc and do you have a sub. BAM! set up that once.

Then your headphone is understood to be STEREO ONLY unless you have one of those fancy surround headphones with specialized software in which case, am out, I have no experience with surround headphones.

But assuming stereo only headphones, the software should automatically convert surround to stereo as u plug in the headphones. Ideally that is, it should work, without you having to do anything.