Question Configuring Network Properly


Dec 10, 2012
LAN connection, VPN connect and using a hotspot. Just as the title mentions, i would like my LAN running as a private network (no sharing of devices). The other two are virtual connections: HMA VPN and a wifi hotspot (Linksys usb accepting incming through MHotSpot)

Currently, i have Network 2 and Unidentified network, the first displaying connected, the 2nd not. Ther first connect is the LAN connect and the second says that it's the HMA Connection. Decided to test the HMA VPN and see if it was truly disconnected ... nope. it properly displayed an unlinked IP to that of my ISP assigned address.

I just noticed that MHotSpot isn't showing ... i will await some form of an answer ... please don't read me some crap from a guide from people that call themselves techs ... let's preserve that for the robo-responders. ... and yes, i've contacted HMA, yet my contract is about up ... been thinking about Nord. Yet, HMA recently announced they are no longer firewall data on users that currently use that system. I thought that was cool ... actual anonymity.