Configuring Trunking on Procurve 2626/2650


Aug 25, 2003
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I'm trying to setup (3) new Procurve switches, something like this -

2626(1) ----- 2650 ----- 2626(2)

I'm using (2) new 5' Cat5e patch cables between ports 25 & 26 on the
first 2626 and ports 47 & 48 on the 2650. For the connection between the
2650 and the second 2626 I'm using (4) mini-gbic's with 2pr fiber.

I went into the web interface and setup trunk1 between the first 2626 &
the 2650 and trunk2 between the 2650 and the second 2626. That doesn't
seem to work. I get transmission errors unless I disconnect one port on
each connection, so that I'm only using a single cable/pr fiber.
Portfast is disabled.

Was I incorrect and should all of the connections be part of trunk1, or
am I missing something that I need to configure?




Archived from groups: comp.sys.hp.hardware (More info?)

I took the liberty of forwarding your post to someone I know in
ProCurve networking. I think that person may have contracted (or
tried to contact) you you via email, asking about configs and
mentioning this HP ITRC forum:


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