Question Confirm failed system and questions on switching out parts


Nov 26, 2013
My computer that has served me well for over 8 years failed on me a month ago. I deduced that the psu works fine (switched them out and tested the original). Fans turn on, power gets distributed to the MB, I replaced the battery, and the fail on powerup-restart cycle is looking like the 4790k processor might be the issue after reading advice on this forum.

I'm looking to build something new that will last me a while. It is used for gaming 70% of the time and remaining 30% for video (2k), photo editing, and light graphic design work. This is a terrible time to build a system given supply and demand ratios where they are.

I've been considering the change to AMD for this build and get a 3600 as a temporary cpu. Buying the asus x570 TUF pro allows for flashback functionality for easy 5900x upgrade when supplies come back.

If there's a comparable Intel route with forward compatibility to the next gen of processors I'm all ears. The 10990k is very attractive and was the forerunner. I'm tepid on both have no allegiance.

my old 780 ti will be kept until supplies return to stores. i'm on a queue with evga for a 3090 and 3080 and i'll buy the first that becomes available. My first question is on water cooling and spacing.

If I use an air cooler (Noctua D14) for the CPU can I fit a water block cooler on a 3080 or 3090 and fit in the primary pci slot? I've read some don't allow you to put your gpu in the second slot without occupying the primary first. Can someone confirm one way or the other? The plan was to run the radiator at the intake of the front of the case.

Can I drop my SSD from an Intel system into this new one and set up the BIOS or will data be at risk?

I purchased an M.2 storage card. I plan to make this my primary. Would people recommend using the Samsung evo software to transfer the drives or do a fresh install?

Thanks in advance.