Question Conflict between BIOS setting and KVM

Dec 6, 2022
i9 10900k
3080 10gb
32gb @4000 mhz
Rog Maximus Hero XII Wifi MOBO (Z490 chipset)
Corsair HX1000 Platinum PSU
Windows 11

I am experiencing terrible CPU performance with the BIOS setting "Monitor MWAIT" set to "disabled" in the BIOS. It causes games to run at 15-30 fps, and puts my CPU performance in the 0th percentile on userbenchmark. When set to "enabled," my PC performs as expected. My game benchmarks return to normal.


My only PC output is a Thunderbolt cable to a Plugable TB3 dock, and from that dock to a KVM. When "Monitor MWAIT" is set to "enabled," I can switch over to my laptop with the KVM, but the return switch to the PC is unsuccessful. I have to hold down the power button and restart to regain the monitor signal. Unplugging and re-plugging in the monitor cable does nothing. The monitor signal never returns until restart. Once I disable Monitor MWAIT in the BIOS, the TB3 dock and KVM work flawlessly and I am able to switch between the computers with no problem. The BIOS is updated and running the most current version available. All drivers have been updated and it is a clean Windows 11 install. FWIW, I experienced the same issue on Windows 10.

I am trying to figure out how I can get the KVM switch to work without the MWAIT issue getting in the way of performance. I don't really understand what Monitor MWAIT does other than it is some sort of power efficiency setting when the CPU is idle, which would make sense as the KVM technically disconnects the only monitor from the PC. I can't really find any information about the MWAIT setting online or how to fix this scenario. Any help is greatly appreciated.