Conflict / Issues pls help!


Apr 27, 2004
Ok problems only started recently

When playing more graphics intensive games, it crashes or more accurately freezes. Computer does not blue screen or reboot it just freezes.

I thought it might be a heating problem so i bought extra case fan and put normal fan onto internals. No luck still freezes on occasion.

I figure it may be PS as its only 300W, however my computer is not really running that much stuff only 1HDD and a cd burner.
Any IDEAS?!?!

Problem 2 , computer will not reboot properly, when instructed to reboot seems to go to standby, (monitor power down, computer stays running, does not reboot) any idea?!?

Last problem ( i know i should throw it out the window and start again, however) When I try to reboot it sometimes it does not boot properly, fans will start going, but HDD etc does not fire up. MB does not *beep* and monitor does not fire up.

Again any help would be greatly appreciated. I figure it could be PS or graph. card.

Thanks guys


Former Staff
could be a RAM issue.

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