Conflicting information


Mar 13, 2012
So...I have this motherboard that is going to be replaced next month or so with a full new I5 platform.

I wish to upgrade the old CPU with something with a little more potential for a 2nd system on my old motherboard.
Pretty much all core components will be used to make up the core of the (old) new system.

Here is the vital components that make this old system:

My motherboard


My CPU heatsink (or very similar coolermaster type 212)

My memory




I understand this is a low end system, it was nearly top of the line when i put it together 4 years ago and still plays older games (and some newer ones with a Radeon 6870) just fine.

Here are the issues i worry about.....

This is the motherboard i have. This manufacturer's site on this board says..."AM3 CPU Ready Y (Support up to 65W only)"

My manual that came with the mobo and i still have says otherwise:
"Supports AMD sempron, Athalon 64 and Athalon 64 x2 processors in the AM2/AM2+ package and supports AMD phenom II/Athalon II processor in the AM3 package.
Supports 95w Prtocessors only"

So which is it? 65w or 95w? This is the CPU i am hoping this motherboard will support:

Edit: i found my answer to the cpu issue here
It would seem it does support this cpu :)

I just upgraded to win7 about 6 months ago, Oem win 7 i got is good only for this system it would seem, would i have to get yet another win7 if i change the CPU?
Basically those are my questions, will this CPU work on this motherboard and do i need to get a new OS by changing the cpu?
If i missed any vital info please let me know and I'll see what i can find out.

Thanks in advance and have a sunny day :)