Conflicting ram speeds between cpu-z and windows, 2133mhz vs 2400mhz

Jul 26, 2018
Hello, first time here. I have a Dell laptop, 4+8GB DDR4. The sticks are both 2400mhz, and windows reports as such on task manager, and cpu-z also shows the 1200mhz on the JEDEC/speed/timings table but on the real time speed window, it only goes up to 1066, never 1200 as expected. Same for timings too, they stick to 2133mhz JEDEC standard and not with the 2400mhz one, according to cpu-z.

In time, it is running dual channel, confirmed by cpu-z. Also, have been running this config for about a month 8+hours a day, no blue screens or anything, and I have my cpu heavily undervolted, so I'm guessing these sticks are pretty stable and compatible.

Thing is, I trust cpu-z to be right and my ram to be running at 2133, and I think windows is just reporting the capabilities of the sticks. How to make sure it's running 2400speed as for advertised?

For reference, it's an i5 7200u Dell Inspiron 15 5566(in Brazil). I guess it's 3567 on the US/international model.

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