Confused 1st Timer


Dec 3, 2012
I've seen thousands of posts, reviews and write ups about building budjet "gaming computers" !!
In truth i have learned.............well nothing !
Times are really hard at the moment for everyone, so I am going to attempt to build a PC for my son for less than £400 (U.K) Please help !!!!! I don't need monitors, keyboards, mouse, speakers etc....just the base unit.
Was Thinking AMD CPU Phenom II 965 ??? or i52500k CPU, thats as far as i can get without popping a fuse :fou:
My mind just can't get around the vast selection of motherboards, ram, GPUs, PSUs, HDDs, never mind putting them together.
He wants to play fps (COD, bf3 !!!

Sorry for my lack of knowledge, I am keen to learn and willing to try :D
Its all good, we all start somewhere and the flood of terms and information can be initially overwhelming. I remember when I first started studying for my rig, took me a good week or so before I could wrap my head around things and even then there were big gaps in my knowledge.

Fill out this form, then us denizens of the forum will have the info we need to make you a good system. If your confused by any reasoning behind parts or terms just ask, the whole point of the forums is for us to help and educate people who come here.